Glass-Ceramic is Magnifique

Glass-ceramic material may be the biggest step forward in culinary history since the invention of fire. An exaggeration? Not to those who cook with a EuroKera glass-ceramic stove top. This amazing material resists extreme heat and scratches, and stands up to impacts. It is composed of crystalline ceramic (75%) and glass (25%). So what makes our glass-ceramic ingenuous?

Superior Thermal Resistance and Mechanical Strength

EuroKera’s glass-ceramic material undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure it meets or exceeds international quality standards. We also follow best practices for environmentally responsible manufacturing throughout our facilities, located worldwide.  We are proud to produce glass-ceramic stove top panels with the ability to:


Design Options and Functional Versatility

In the hands of master craftspeople and engineers, EuroKera’s crystalline ceramic and glass formulation creates a smooth and non-porous material capable of taking on virtually any color and shape in stove tops. EuroKera develops glass-ceramic cooking panels that bring visual and tactile luxury to the soul of the cooking experience.

  • First to introduce a beveled surface
  • Unique designs incorporating 3D shapes
  • Transparent as well as opaque substrates
  • Touch controls and LCD screens
  • Mono- and polychromatic LED displays

Global Leadership in Glass-Ceramic Manufacturing

Glass-ceramic material was first formulated at the famous Corning company in New York, in 1953. When Corning and the iconic French company Saint-Gobain joined forces in 1990 to form EuroKera, they brought together the top manufacturer of cooking materials with a company that has been leading the world in glass making for over 350 years.


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