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A Dedicated Team of Experts At Your Service

When ordering a premium product, you expect to receive the VIP customer service that goes with it. We get that.

EuroKera is the worldwide reference for glass-ceramic since 1990. Whatever the solution, we take pride in delivering the best product quality followed by the most outstanding customer service. No matter what.

When choosing Versâtis™, you receive the expertise of a dedicated and customer-focused team to answer your questions and your clients’. Their long experience at EuroKera, Saint-Gobain and Corning is the source of a product that meets all your needs.

A New Meaning Of “Luxury”

At EuroKera, we love seeing the impact of our solutions on people’s daily lives around the world. Not just the manufacturing process, the sales rush, the customer service satisfaction rate, but something that goes way beyond all that: the often shared joy and socialization that happens around our products. People gather around our cooking surfaces and fireplace windows to cook, to warm up, to socialize and enjoy the good things in life.

In addition to this passion for the inner-value of our products, we saw the rise of three trends.

First, new technologies and connected appliances are not going away. They will be more and more a part of our kitchen routine.

Second, people of all ages and cultures love to gather in the kitchen to “re-connect” and have tangible interactions with one another partially away from the digital world and their fast-paced lives.
Third, integration and sleek lines are “en vogue” for the high-end and premium kitchens.

So we thought: “Why not create a significantly larger expanse of premium glass-ceramic, so large that it would replace the whole traditional countertop and allow for all sorts of new technologies including a cooking system?”. The idea of Versâtis™ was born.

Versâtis™ by EuroKera is a vast expanse of innovative material (glass-ceramic) without any seam, offering the purest and most pleasing visual while integrating numerous of the latest kitchen technologies with more possibilities yet to discover. A signature vision of the premium kitchen experience and design.

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2020中国(广州)国际建筑装饰博览会以下简称“建博会”)落下帷幕。本届建博会涵括智能、定制、设计、系统四大主题特色,共吸引来自全国24个省份的近1600家品牌参展。各大智能家居品牌商选择在日常生活空间下功夫,携智慧厨房、智慧卧室、智慧浴室等体验场景亮相建博会,让参展用户体验全屋定制化的智慧家庭服务。 直击疫后人们关注健康的痛点,充满“未来科技感”的智能厨房以智能冰箱、智能灶具等套系化产品打造完整的食联生态,掀起“定制健康”的话题热潮。食联生态下的“定制健康”,首先要求食材新鲜和营养均衡,智能冰箱时刻监测食材的新鲜度,还能提供个性化饮食方案。但这只是健康烹饪的准备工作,真正重要的步骤是将新鲜的食材做成符合自己喜好的口味,同时牢牢锁住食材的营养。 智能电磁灶集成了LED显示屏,搭载触控、声控、蓝牙等交互功能。如此一来,用户不费吹灰之力便能获取多样化的美味食谱,即使是厨房小白也能掌握“厨神”的做菜方法。智能电磁灶在料理前可以提前定时预约,在料理时也能精准调控温度和烹饪时间,减少食物营养的流失,省去了用户不少的烹饪烦恼。 现代健康厨房不仅要求确保食材和菜品的健康,更要求为用户营造舒适健康的烹饪体验。对比传统燃气烹饪方式,智能电磁灶没有明火燃烧,一方面不会令厨房温度上升,提高厨房环境的舒适感;另一方面不会产生一氧化碳等有害气体,守护掌厨者的身体健康。 电磁灶面板是掌厨者经常接触的位置,对于广大消费者来说,健康安全的优质面板是电磁灶的重要选购标准。优质的灶具面板往往是食品级材质,安全无毒,能直接接触食物。而对于家电品牌方来说,选择值得信赖的灶具面板制造商才是真正对消费者负责。法国欧凯,一家30年来在厨房领域不断深耕的法国企业,背靠两大世界五百强企业 — 美国康宁公司和法国圣戈班集团,专注于生产高端的微晶玻璃灶具面板,以过硬的产品质量和优秀的客户服务赢得了客户的长期支持和信赖。 秉承着“打造极致美好生活”的品牌理念,懂灶具面板的法国欧凯更懂得生活。其融合丰富的视觉美感、顶级的制造材料和卓越的工匠技术三者制作的面板,能够提升家庭烹饪的舒适度,革新全球家庭的烹饪体验。法国欧凯将在健康厨房领域不断发力,以健康环保的高端微晶玻璃面板供给海内外家电制造商,竭尽所能为厨房健康贡献力量。

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